How to Stop Binge Eating : The Beacon Difference

We know.  You’ve tried every diet tip and trick out there and they all seem to lead to the very thing you’ve tried so hard to avoid….A BINGE!

What if we told you that the answer is not in a diet or another quick fix? GASP!  You see, dieting and extreme measures are actually antithetical to helping you get well.  At Beacon, we believe that a proper education on the nature of your eating disorder coupled with some super behavioral interventions are all it takes to help you stop and stay stopped for good!

So get off the diet train at deprivation station and hop on aboard at Beacon!

Beacons Strategies for Staying Stopped:

1) Get a Proper Education: In order to get better you must become an A++ student, familiar with the biological, biochemical and environmental factors that contribute to the onset and maintenance of Binge Eating Disorder.  This also means that treatment should (and our program does!) address all of these factors.  Imagine finding out that Binge Eating Disorder is NOT YOUR FAULT, and that with the right education and tools-  YOU possess the power to stop! How liberating!

2) Meal Regulation and Meal Plans:  To stop binge eating, you have to actually eat! WHAT?! Yep, you heard it right!  Having a structured and well-rounded meal plan devoid of your trigger foods helps to ensure that you are eating adequately without all of the biochemical vulnerabilities that keep you stuck.  Secondly, a routine meal plan coupled with meal regulation (eating your planned meals and snacks every 3-4 hours) ensures predictability which is essential for diminishing preoccupation with food and actual cravings!

3) Self-Monitoring: Go on- jot it down!  Keeping track of your daily intake helps you to remain accountable to your recovery and increases your self-awareness surrounding your habits with food.  Self-monitoring is also instrumental in helping you to reduce unwarranted guilt and shame when you hit some turbulence following plan.  Jot it down and keep it moving!

4) Consistency and Kindness: Staying stopped means doing all of these things consistently and gently redirecting yourself back to recovery road when you stray!

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and give recovery a shot.


The Beacon Team