Emotional Eating happens when we are completely out of our wise mind and making food decisions from our emotional mind.

Emotion mind eating often leads to harmful food choices, and it is a time to get your wise mind activated by using skills.

We LOVE “Hungry Girl” at Beacon, she has awesome abstinent recipes, blog posts, and newsletters. Check out Hungry Girl’s “5 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating:”

Identify your emotions. First things first: Figure out what feelings are driving you to eat. When you find yourself about to reach for food, ask yourself if you’re trulyhungry or if you’re just looking for comfort. If it’s the latter, try to identify the feeling that’s behind your need to feed. Are you anxious? Lonely? Frustrated?

Pick up a pen. Once you’ve determined the underlying emotion, put your feelings down on paper (or just grab your phone, and type a note to yourself). It can be cathartic to write about what’s bugging you, and it could give you that comfort you’re really after. Bonus? If you’re annoyed with someone, you can vent about it privately… much smarter than lashing out or eating over it!

Find a better coping mechanism. Once you know what emotions are causing you to crave food, you can figure out tactics to combat them. For example, if you eat when you’re lonely, call a pal to talk or grab coffee with one. If stress is a trigger, try a calming activity like coloring (I love this Nickelodeon-themed coloring book!) or popping in a yoga DVD.

Don’t beat yourself up if you do some emotional eating. Be kind to yourself! We all slip up and make mistakes. By being tough on yourself, more negative emotions will boil up, leading you right back to where you started. It’s time to end this vicious cycle! Give your inner self a hug, and get right back on track.

Remove temptation. Don’t make it easy for yourself to go on an emotional binge. If you know you can eat an entire cake in one sitting, keep that junk out of the house. If crunchy snacks like chips and pretzels are your downfall, ban ’em. Keep a stash of healthier indulgences, like fresh fruit (when you’re craving sweets) and cut veggies with salsa (when you need to crunch). This way, even if your emotions do lead you to eat, the damage will be minimal.