It’s your mother.

Happy Mother’s Day. Or maybe Sad Mother’s Day, or Complicated Mother’s Day, or Ambivalent Mother’s Day or Best Mother’s Day…

My point is that holidays come with feelings of all shapes and sizes – and one size does NOT fit all. Especially when it comes to family, and especially our Moms. As they say in the therapy world, “If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother…”

You may be walking into Mother’s Day with gratitude, with grief, with glee, with goodness or with a combination of those feelings or more. In any case, Buddies, I want you to take this into consideration today: What kind of mother are you? Not to your children, or your pets, your plants, your extended family, or your employees. What kind of mother are you… to yourself? What kind of mother are you to your recovery? 

I’m all about having choices and making ones that are aligned with integrity when it comes to your recovery. And one thing you CAN CHANGE is how you treat and parent yourself.  

What kind of mother are you being? Are you being nurturing, compassionate, protective? Are you being firm but kind when you make mistakes? Are you setting the best example you can, making the best choices in the name of your highest and best self? In the name of your long-term goals?

If the answer is yes… GO YOU! If it’s maybe-I’m-not-so-sure, what a beautiful day to correct your course and turn towards the mother you always wanted or strive to be. That’s the Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving. 

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So grateful for you, Buddies, you have no idea… 

Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash