And learning to survive the food of now.

Memorial day, originally known as decoration day because of the duties of fallen soldiers’ families to decorate the gravesites, is typically described as a festive holiday celebrated with family, picnics, outdoor festivities, and FOOD.

Here’s are some survival tips to stay in your integrity over the holiday weekend:

  1. Plan ahead. There is no better preparation than to know what you are walking into. If you are attending a party or an event, call ahead to find out what is on the menu and plan accordingly. If they aren’t offering anything on plan (no sugar/no flour), here are two options: first, eat before you go and enjoy the other aspects of the party; second, bring something of your own to put on the grill or ‘contribute’ as a dish!
  2. Set boundaries. Practice saying ‘No, thank you’ while with close family or friends to get begin incorporating it into your vocabulary. For so many of us suffering from eating disorders, feeling as though we might make others uncomfortable or feel badly by saying no is par for the course. And learning by doing will teach us that, most of the time, it doesn’t bother people as much as we thought it might.
  3. Practice self-care and self-love. Feeding ourselves negative self-talk is not just mean, it’s harmful to the progress of recovery. Beating yourself up over the various reasons we ultimately provide ourselves to get away with continued negative feedback, again, habit, is not the way to stay in your integrity especially in the face of a triggering situation. Because negative feedback leads to negative feelings and negative feelings lead to destructive behaviors.