Nothing in this world can be said to be certain…

You know how the saying goes: there are two constants – death and taxes. Though, in my life it always felt like diets and taxes were the things that I could never escape! Talk about things that remove my very best self from the equation and take me from my wise mind in seconds flat!

Here we are again: it’s tax week. I know. Certainly none of us are bringing out the confetti in celebration of giving away our money or facing the facts of our finances. And yet, having tax time complete always feels a little like a new year to me. In that vein, Buddies, what if we, gasp!, used this tax week as a time for a quick self-audit.

Where’s your time and energy going so far in 2018? You know that time and energy are your greatest commodities. But life gets lifey and we can lose our attention without realizing it. And when that happens it becomes frighteningly easy to give our time and energy to things that do not serve us – or even drain us! – without our consent. Oops!

Were you looking to eliminate cookies, cake and candy only to find yourself deep in bites, licks and tastes? We get it. And the hijacking of your time and energy can expand past your food and weight issues! Were you hoping to spend less time on Facebook and more time with family, only to find your nose on your phone too much? Did you promise to spend more thoughtfully (darn you flash sales and Amazon Prime!) and find yourself filling a void with must-haves that simply aren’t?

The beauty of life is this: you can change your mind, and your direction at any old time. On tax day, on your birthday, at 2:16 pm on any given Sunday (hint hint). You can be doing something and then be doing something else in no time.

What is one step you can take today – yes today – to start in the direction you want to go? Can you throw out those leftover cinnamon rolls that keep on talking to you in your kitchen? Can you designate 3 hours a weekend where you go phone free? (PS: I’ve been trying this one and it’s a true game changer.)  Can you talk to your behavioral coach, or a trusted friend and create a plan for progress and accountability?

Remember, Buddies, something is always better than nothing, and taking the first step towards changing the things that we can is the hardest step AND the greatest gift we can give ourselves. You. Got. This. #ibelieveinyou #beaconsgotyourback

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You inspire me on the daily, Buddies. And for that I am grateful.

Photo by Taduuda on Unsplash