We all know it. Times are rough right now in the world. It’s impossible to stay away from politics as they keep getting messier, and it seems that everyday a new study comes out showing how screwed our planet is. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all of this and feel like it’s our job to fix it all, which leads to more stress and anxiety.

Politics, especially American politics, are extremely “fired up” right now. Opinions are posted everywhere and those opinions hold people hostage, and soon enough, our opinions are thrown in there and it’s all a huge mess. We need to step away. I’m not talking about stepping away from politics completely, because we all need to do things like vote, but taking a break from social media rants and groups can help us tremendously.

We use social media to express ourselves, and so does the rest of the world. When we see opinions that don’t match ours, it’s easy to get angry and stressed, but we need to remember to step away. Some people’s opinions are implanted in their DNA, and no Facebook post is going to change that. It’s so easy to get caught up in the ugly and bitterness of the world that we miss the good things. Step away from the phone and enjoy yourself and your company. Watch a spooky movie or go out with some friends. Get caught up in the real social world for a change. Enjoy your day and don’t think about problems that you can’t solve alone. Sure, you can take steps to help fight for what’s right, but you can’t do it alone. Take a step back and let all of your stress and anxiety flow away. Step away.

Shine Bright!!

Photo by Jenny Marvin on Unsplash