We did it!! Another Thanksgiving in the books! Let’s first take a breath and honor the fact that you endured one of the toughest holiday’s of the year, you rockstar! Obviously we’ve talked our heads off about the emotional, physical and spiritual preparation and planning before the actual big day. And, Buddy, I hoped you rocked it like the boss you are and you’re right and ready to move on the Hanukah, Xmas and NYE festivities. #wevegotthis

Real talk: What happens if that’s not the case? If your plan derailed and your sitting here this Sunday wishing you had done things differently? That, as we say at Beacon, is a problem to be solved. I’ll solve it in three small words: Keep. It. Moving!

You heard me: keep it moving. You know – nothing to see here folks, show’s over, keep it going. I know when you’re thrown off plan it can feel almost impossible to get back on. Of course it is! You’ve spend the majority of your life in the black-and-white cycle of being good or being bad, of being-on-your-diet-off-your-diet, of binge-self-hate-more-binge-more-self-loathing. Rinse repeat. Sadly, all that’s brought you is more demoralization and hopelessness. Today, my Buddy, we change the game.

This is the exact the moment I need you to get back on track – let’s not let this slip become a slide. While it may feel tempting to beat yourself up, all that does is continue the cycle – and we need to stop the drama. Now. So even if you’ve been knee deep in stuffing and whipped cream since Wednesday afternoon, I’m here to tell you that you can stop right here, right now, 2:02pm Sunday afternoon and get back on track. Staying in this cycle is like getting a cut on your arm and pouring poison into it. You’re self-loathing behavior is not going to get you any closer to your goals – in fact it makes things worse not better.

Here are some ideas in the name of Keep It Moving: can you call someone in your Power Circle and let them know that you’re struggling? Can you throw out the triggering foods that may be in your house? Can you plan your food for tonight? For tomorrow? For this week? Can you call your coach and commit this plan to them? Can you sign up for a Beacon holiday group to get some added support? Can you do something soothing for yourself tonight in the name of self-love – a bath, a mindless movie, a pedicure? Doing something in the name of healing lets your inner saboteur know who’s boss and makes the next slip that much less likely to slide.

Let’s talk overcoming slips and slides tonight! It’s such an important topic for our recovery. Will you join me on Beacon’s Facebook Page or on Instagram for our Beacon Buzz Afterparty – 8:30 tonight. I cannot WAIT see you there – or watch the replay and leave us a little shout out. Also we’ve gotten realllllly into social media at Beacon – we would LOVE for you to take a looksie. Let us know EVERYTHING! #always #weheartyou

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Shine Bright!!!

Photo by Jungwoo Hong on Unsplash