At Beacon, we promote planning. Planning can mean planning your meals, an exercise, a diet, or many other things. We don’t just plan to keep record of what we are eating and doing. We plan to stay on track. We plan to accomplish a goal.

We all know what planning is. Planning is deciding and arranging something for the future. When we plan, we expect something in the future-it’s not completely up to fate. Planning without reason has no real benefits. We don’t just plan to get somewhere early just for fun-we want to make sure we find the place and we’re on time. Planning your healthy life is just the same. When you plan, you need to have a sense of direction and reason.

Meal planning is the process of figuring out what we are going to and when. Meal planning saves us from the side-effects of binge-eating and cravings; it also frees up time. We meal plan to stay healthy. We don’t plan meals that have no benefit to us-that’s insane. When you meal plan, you need to be thinking of what the food does for you, not what you can do with the food. If you want to stay on track to a healthier you, you need to think and plan at the same time. Click here for tips info on meal planning.

Planning your diet can be difficult, but in the end, it’s all up to you. If you want to go on a no carb diet, just because you’ve seen it all over Facebook, you can, but will it help you? Plan a diet that’s beneficial to you. If you’ve noticed your sugar consumption is extremely excessive, try cutting your sugar intake or even eliminating sugar from your diet. Having a reason for your diet can make you more determined to stay on track.

Keeping track and planning has a purpose. You don’t plan to just say you planned. You plan to stay on track and to accomplish something. Plan to achieve.

Shine Bright!!