Lose 10 pounds in 5 days! Easy! Fast! Now! Damn, those Diet Industry messages can be sexxxxxxxy and captivating, right? I’ve even found myself taking a second or third look from time to time!

As seductive as these messages are at first glance, they are the great contributor to the diet drama and diet trauma that impacts so many of us. These messages steal from us and keep us hooked into the idea that achieving our long term goals should be quick, easy and painless. It’s THAT expectation – our need for instant gratification – in our jobs, our relationships, and especially our food, weight  and body issues – that is causing us the greatest of suffering.

The difference between a diet and a recovery is a change in your beliefs – if your belief is that your  issues are going to be quick-fixed, it’s likely you are signing on for a long-term ticket on the diet roller coaster – you’ll be going on and off for years to come. That comes at a great cost: to your health, to your life, to your spirit and your self-worth.  #nobueno

If you’re going to find success in the food-weight-body-image game, you’ll need to turn the game on it’s head. You’ll need to surrender your ticket to the rollercoaster and commit to the process.

And this process is a marathon, not a sprint. In a quick sprint, you can hone your intensity, your quick will and with a great burst of energy get to the finish line. It’s hard to do over and over and over again – and we know that from our absolute exhaustion with diets. Recovery is more like a marathon – with diligent training, thoughtful execution, and sometimes a water break.  It’s mindful, it’s loving, it’s sustainable. Unlike the exhaustion and hopelessness of a sprint, you’re left with weight release, long-term change, and the feeling of self-love and esteem that lasts… forever.

And that’s better than any quick fix. #yougotthis #warriorstyle

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