Labor Day is coming up next week – can you even believe it? #timeflies

For lots of us, Labor Day means closing out summer with all sorts of people – some Buddy-supporters and some Buddy-saboteurs. That’s why I want to talk about navigating your food needs with family and friends as this Labor Day weekend approaches.

It’s a tricky thing that often the people who love us most are not our biggest helpers in recovering from food and weight struggles. The thing about family and friends that’s tough is, well…. lots of things (lol). But in their defense (for a hot second only) we have been taking the same actions around them for years – going on and off the diet roller coaster, swearing this was the last time we were going to diet… So, it means that not only do we have to do the hard work of change, but our friends and family, who may not have the gift of being at Beacon, have to too. And they don’t even know it! Tricky. Where can you start:

Do what I do, not what I say. Often food pushers are pushing because they are accustomed to our on-again-off-again behaviors with our recoveries. And since this IS the last time you’re doing this, let your behaviors lead the way. When your friends and families see your commitment, rather than hear it, you have a better chance of turning their vote from pusher to supporter. Remember, though, time takes time – it took a minute for you to turn your mind to the road of recovery – it might take the F & F crew a minute, too. #patienceisavirtue.

Use your words. While you’re waiting for the F & Fs to make their way toward Recoveryville, you still have the right to ask for what you need and want – on Labor Day and every day. That means: calling ahead to the bbq and seeing what’s up on the food front, asking for some of the chicken to not be slathered in BBQ sauce, and maybe if there are other cocktail choices other than sugary margaritas. You matter – and your light shines its brightest when your recovery is taken care of – so asking for what you want is a 1+1=5 proposition. #winwinwinwinwin

BYO. And if all else fails – bringing your own will never fail you on the LDW circuit. Whether that is bringing your own Ezekiel buns for hamburgers, or bringing a chili, or fruit skewers that serves all (and your recovery) – knowing you’re taken care of takes the burden off the unknown and puts it on you. And YOU GOT THIS, Buddies.

I’m writing you from Soul Camp this morning, overlooking the beautiful lake. I’ll be on the road back tonight, so there won’t be a Facebook Live tonight. I’m coming back strong next week, though, so mark your calendars and set your alarm.

And in the name of achieving all of your goals: Do you or someone you love need help, guidance, and support with your struggles with food and weight? If you do, we’ve got you! Get in touch to schedule a 20 minute strategy session with me. Beacon can help in all sorts of ways – including our new E-SERVICES for those of you outside the NYC metropolitan area. And always stay in touch – your Beacon team wants to know what’s up!  Shoot us an email and let us know all the things!