We may tell ourselves that binge eating disorder treatment is a rigid, exact process, but we are fooling ourselves if we think the path is straight and narrow with no bumps along the way.

Let me tell you a story to illustrate:

I wouldn’t call myself the most cultured of gals – while I do love me some modern dance and Museum of Natural History, I counterbalance that pretty quickly with my love of Wendy Williams and Page Six. #guiltypleasures
So, this summer, I took my pretty-uncultured-self to the epicenter of culture: Paris. And, obviously, WOW. Culture abounds. Even the way they serve coffee is fancier than I knew an experience could be. I took advantage of every nook and cranny that I could – and in my adventures, I had an experience that made me think of my Beacon Buddies.
I took a tour of Musee d’Orsay, with a brilliant art history student. She took us through the early paintings – mostly portraits of angels and religious statements. She explained that they were part of the “Romanticism” movement – the artists intended to make the pictures perfect and exact. They were beautiful – stunning, really – and very unrelatable.
She then showed us paintings from the Impressionism movement. Here the strokes were looser, blotchier, more fluid; the colors blended. Our guide asked me if I saw or felt any differences from the pictures in the Romanticism section. I said that the Impressionist pictures were more relatable, they brought up more emotion in me; they felt more real. In the imperfection of the strokes, in the looseness of the color came emotion and connection. Isn’t that just like our lives and our binge eating disorder treatment? 
I’ve heard that we should wear our recovery from our issues with food and weight like a loose garment. Often, we are wearing our recovery like a tight pair of Spanx – and this may be where the problem lies. When we are being like Spanx – perfect, rigid, staying in the lines – we are usually miserable and on our way to a relapse.
On the other hand, our “loose garment” recovery – being flexible, saying ‘yes,’ connecting, having on open mind, not taking things too seriously – allows for us to live a more fluid, connected life. Who knew French Art could teach us so much? #cultureisboss
​​​​​​​Today, I want you to think about how you are wearing your recovery in binge eating disorder treatment. If it’s too Spanx-y, ask yourself what you can do to loosen your garment. Can you say ‘yes’ to a plan that is outside of your comfort zone? Can you say no to a plan that has you overcommitted? Can you take a minute to revel in all you have accomplished? Because, Buddy, you are the best!