Well, hello 2017! How YOU doin’? Are you looking at 2017 all googly eyed and hopeful, full of resolutions and dreams of what the year is going to bring your way? Or are you feeling a little tired, and worried, about NOT keeping your resolution to lose weight – fearing that things may go the other direction … again! Help is here my friend. While we have lots of tricks of the trade to get you to sustainable weight loss at the Beacon, some of our most go-to skills are mindfulness techniques – this is a huge piece of the puzzle between you and making that resolution come true!

Exited, hopeful, nervous, worried – in any case, it seems we need to discuss how to make resolutions stick. It’s one thing to make a resolution and an entirely other concept to maintain these beautiful and amazing resolutions day after day after day. Keeping your resolution is really what you want, right? Mindfulness techniques are here to rescue those resolutions that may already be flying away.

Mindfulness techniques when you’re trying to lose weight and get healthy? I know – it’s a little outside of the box, except it’s NOT. I know in your heart of hearts, soul of souls, and in your wisest of wise minds you want this resolution to stick more than anything. We need to have your wise mind – the very best , most loving, most determined, and most committed part of you running the show and driving the bus. How do we do this? Mindfulness techniques. They are designed to refocus your attention when you fall of track or get bursts of uncertainty back to your very best self. So, really, mindfulness techniques are the name of the game. The whole enchilada.  #nopunintended

Here are some quick and easy ways to get mindful around your promise to yourself for 2017:

Start practicing a few minutes of getting quiet each day.

Anyone can sit quietly for 3 minutes, or 180 seconds. Starting here helps your brain to remember for to chill out and refocus when times get rough. Can’t do 3 minutes? How about 1? Something is always better than nothing.

Find a mindfulness that works for you.

Sitting quietly not your jam? There are a million different guided meditations all over the internet, on YouTube, and at the app store! One of our favorites is Buddhify who designs guided mediations specifically for the problem you are having in the moment.

Set a timer!

One of the top reasons people say they can’t do mindfulness techniques is because they forget their mindful techniques, or lose sight of their goals. For every problem there is a solution! Set a timer!  Set a timer for when you know things are going to get sticky and tricky – a buzzer at parties to remind you to take a breath, or give yourself some mindfulness interruption by setting a timer during your workday when you are in your busy life.

Mindfulness techniques are so important for helping you to follow through and rock your resolutions right! You got this!