It’s that time of year again! Tan lines, flip flops, waves, sand, extended weekends…and oh so much food!

While the 4th of July sure is a treat, it can be awfully tricky for those of us struggling with compulsive overeating. That’s why The Beacon is here with a couple of friendly reminders to help you not only get through the holiday, but to sit back and enjoy the fireworks!

Know your blind spots:

What do we mean? Know the people, places and things that might get you into some tricky situations with food.

Some examples: Difficult family dynamics; Presence of alcohol/alcohol intake; Timing of event/meal regulation; Types of food being served (availability of on plan options)

Cope Ahead (in accordance with blind spots)

It is not enough to simply identify the tricky people, places and things that throw you off balance with food- you must also cope ahead in effort to avert compulsive overeating. Take the time to thoughtfully strategize plans of action to navigate all of your blind spots. Visualize yourself successfully getting through and enjoying the day!

Skills. Skills and more Skills!

While you’re coping ahead, pre-select a ATLEAST 5 skills to navigate the big 4th. Select skills that you have utilized successfully in the past during holidays and/or special events. Rehearse just how you will use them with your therapist or behavioral coach!

Distress Tolerance Skills:

Let’s face it, sometimes there are some pretty unexpected twists and turns during the holidays. For example, Aunt Sally might not hear you when you say “no thanks, I’m doing the no sugar, no flour thing” (as she piles 3 homemade cannoli’s onto your plate). This would be an ideal time to tap into some distress tolerance skills! Remember, the key here is to simply get through the situation without making it worse (you can use distraction, self-soothe or improve).

With these four reminders, we believe that you will be super skilled-up and that compulsive overeating will be so last 4th of July. Enjoy the fire works!


The Beacon Team