And Spring into Spring!!!

March marks the first day of spring where temperatures start to shift, flowers start to bloom, and people slowly start to creep out of hibernation and back into the world. The coming of spring almost has that same powerful effect on us that New Year’s does in terms of resolutions. We all know summer is on approach – the season of all things short and skimpy – and, now that the cold is no longer there to blame, it’s high time we march out of our madness and into our lives!

As we look to pursue this new spring in our step and warmth on our backs, it is also true that we must honor our focus and shift our attention to regulating the things we might have let slack over the cold winter months. One of the things that provides us with a solid foundation as well as a solution to start shedding some of those winter pounds is meal regulation.

Timing our meals is essential to provide those of us that need it with a cue that we are hungry and it is time to eat. Regardless of your weight (curvy or not), some of us really struggle to know when we are actually hungry versus emotionally hungry (and yes, emotional hunger includes boredom). A week spent timing our meals every 3-4 hours 5 times a day does wonders to retrain our brains how to think strategically when it comes to hunger. And the craziest impact of meal regulation is knowing you will be eating in the future. Even if you feel STARVING, your next meal is never that far away. Thus, regulation provides us with a reminder that we are not actually starving, we might just be a little hungry and that feeling is OK to experience.

Wishing all of our Buddies a little spring in your step – here’s to a BUDDING relationship between you and your food!

Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash