Every Sunday, Molly buzzes about the questions/concerns/thoughts/experiences happening at Beacon. We are now sharing her weekly wisdom right her with you!  Here’s a blog on meal plan blues:

Happy Sunday! Beacon Buzz is here to thwart your Sunday blues and get you right-and-ready for the coming week!

This week we received a great question from our Beacon community: I have been getting SO SICK of my food – I’m feeling like I really don’t like my meal plan.  What should I do?    

Great question – and definitely a dilemma to solve immediately!  Feeling unsatisfied and not loving your meal plan leads to only one thing – moving towards food that doesn’t love you back. Yikes!

Luckily for us, the solutions are abundant:

  1. Check in with your likes and dislikes:

    A meal plan is meant to bring you back to life not to make your life feel like you’re in a prison.  Slumps happen in all relationships – so no reason to flip out over a little slump with your food.  First, check in with yourself and see what it is you feel like you are missing and what you want to be eating – within the realm of what works for your recovery, obviously 🙂  There are soooooo many foods that are delicious, healthy, love you back and that we can help to integrate into your plan.  Remember, a healthy relationship with food starts with food that you want to eat.

  1. Ask for help! 

    I know, I know.  For many of us, help is the worst four letter word of all! Getting more brains on this dilemma  especially brains trained in helping you feel unstuck –  can get you out of your rut with the greatest of ease.  Some great sources of help are your Beacon Behavioral Coach, your Beacon Buddies, and your general Power Circle. We can’t help solve a problem we don’t know is happening – so start talking about it.  And you may help other people who are also feeling stuck! Sharing is caring.  

  1. Start trying, cooking and experimenting with other on-plan options.

    This world – and most especially this internet – is chock full ‘o interesting and exciting new recipes and food ideas.  Two of my favorite food enhancing guides are Hungry Girl – her website and her Clean and Hungry Cookbook are amazing.  Also, Elana’s Pantry website has some great recipes that are easy to cater to your individual diet needs.  This is where I found my most favorite meatball recipe (that I doctored – feel free to ask me about it!).  

It’s totally normal to get bored and want to spice up your food – getting bored without a solution leads to, what we call at Beacon, “termite behaviors” – you know, those little seemingly innocuous behaviors like picking, or tasting, or the “just one bite” mentality that can often lead us down roads that end in demoralization   And there is just no need for that!

Keep your questions and Buzz ideas coming!  Send us an email with what you need, what you’re struggling with or what you want to buzz about! See you next Sunday! 

Shine Bright,