Memorial Day weekend is here!

And though it may not feel that way on the East Coast (brrrrr!), this weekend still is the kick off for white jeans and summer parties.

In the world of food and weight recovery, this season can also be highlighted with major exposure to sugary cocktails, white flour buns and ice cream that it can make a Buddy want to throw in the proverbial towel. You know, the national anthem of relapse: “F*ck it.”

And I’m here today to share a Public Service Announcement that I will likely repeat today, Labor Day, T-giving, Xmas and beyond: throwing in the towel does not have to be an option. 

We don’t have to get one flat tire on our gorgoeus recovery car, get out of the car, slice all four tires, torch the car and leave it on the highway. And yet, we take a bite of ice cream or mindlessly take a scoop of mac and cheese and there we are, on a run that lasts… well who knows how long… and adds to the diet drama and diet trauma that we are trying so hard to heal.

Of course, there are specific skills that go along with not slashing our tires, and we’ll get into that alllllll summer, I promise. For today, I want to keep it simple: You can be doing something at your Memorial Day BBQ at 4pm, and be doing something completely different at 4:01You can have your mouth around a cookie at 8pm and have walked away from that cookie in the very next minute.

We are well-practiced – trained even – to having a misstep and thinking that’s the end of the diet. Pass the sprinkles for the sundae please and thank you. And yet, that behavior makes no sense when we think of our food and weight issues as a recovery, a journey, a relationship.

On diets, we make a mistake and the diet ends (to the tune of a whole lot of cookies, cakes and candy). In a relationship, we get back on the beam and make corrective action plans. And remember, Buddies, our issues did not go down on a few bites of bbq pork or chocolate chip cookie. It went down on our reaction to it. 

So in the name of your summer contributing to the big, beautiful life you deserve, and in the name of your budding, loving relationship with food and yourself, let’s all commit to getting back on our plan the minute we falter. That will lend to a diet-drama-free summer and you feeling like a billion bucks. #winwinwin

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Hope you’re Memorial Day is helping you to shine bright. And a serious juju filled shout out to all that have served to protect us. #yourock