Meditation’s power is more than psychological.

We talk a LOT about meditation here at Beacon. And for good reason, too. Recent studies have provided SO many reasons as to why people should meditate ranging from better sleep to having more empathy for others. The effects, it seems, are limitless (to a point). A recent study by Dr. Michael Posner focused on the physiological effects of meditation on mice seems to suggest an increase in cellular activity in the brain’s grey matter.

You might be saying ‘huh?’ Truth be told, so did we…until we continued reading. Here’s what this means – meditation alone and its impact in the creation of brain waves can actually lead to behavioral changes. Now, you might be saying ‘what??!’ Pretty amazing what a little bit of mindfulness can do.

And for those of you who find it almost impossible to simply sit and be with your breath, IBMT (Integrative Body Mind Training) – which integrates techniques like body relaxation and mental imagery in order to enhance self-regulation, attention span, emotional regulation, and self awareness – is also proven to have behavioral-changing effects on the brain. While mediation and the science behind it is still a growing field, people like Posner are starting to chip away at the seeds of doubt. And, how badly can it hurt to try?

Photo by Sam Austin on Unsplash