In days like these, it might seem impossible to stay away from sugar, but is it really???

According to a recent article in Eating Well magazine, sugar cravings can be defeated, or at least minimized. The article offers three tips: get your sleep, manage your coffee intake, and simply delay your snack by counting to 25.

Get Your Z’s

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that when those who regularly slept for less than seven hours received just 45 minutes more of sleep, their sugar intake was decreased by almost 10 grams. The article mentions how sleep-deprived brains get stronger reward signals from junk food than well-rested brains do. Simply sleeping longer can help reduce sugar intake, which can in turn help with everything that comes sugar, including food addiction.

Control Your Coffee

The Eating Well article also mentions the effects coffee has on your sugar intake. The article mentions another study, this time done by researchers at Cornell, which found that “people who drank moderately sweetened, caffeinated coffee rated their drinks as less sweet compared to those who sipped the decaf version containing the same amount of sugar.” Caffeine reduces your tongues ability to register the sweet taste of sugar, and thus causes you to want more sugar, hence food addiction. Pair your morning coffee with something that’s savory, instead of sweet.

Delay Your Sweets

While the last study in the article might seem senseless, it’s actually very eye-opening. When a group of researchers from Rush University delayed unhealthy snacks by a mere 25 seconds, people were more likely to choose snacks that were healthier. We all want food and we want it now, but when we sit and wait even just half a minute, we can make healthier choices.

Sugar can be controlled and the only person who can control it is you. Take a step away from sugar and food addiction, and take a step towards a healthier and happier you.

Photo by Josh Couch on Unsplash