We do not want to burst bubbles, but the seemingly healthy “bulk” bins at “health food” stores and “all-natural” food aisles can be anything BUT healthy.  Sometimes they are one big “all-natural” trigger that causes rationalizing. Or as some might say, RATIONAL-LIES.

Okay, so maybe these aisles are better than the candy aisle in traditional supermarkets with all those jumbo bags of candy, gallons of ice cream, and super-sized chip bags. 

Or are they? 

“Natural” health food choices are trickier than you think. 

Sugar in its many disguises is wicked. You know….— the fruit juice sweetened flour-free muffins, stevia and the monk fruit powders of the world.  “Abstinent” foods that are sugar and flour free are not always “healthy” food.  Vegan and keto muffins? Nah.

Basically, there are foods that are both on an abstinent plan AND NOT on an abstinent plan.  What a dialectic!! It gets confusing. 

Our Beacon coaches help folks “process” processed foods ALL THE TIME. 

For many, there are red flags waving all around the All Natural Health Food Stores. For example, we hear from some of our clients that the bulk aisle in the grocery store is really another name for binge row. The food looks so healthy from afar.

We scoop out a bag of assorted salty nuts, granola or “power” nuggets from a grocery store bin aisle and justify it as “healthy” — and “all natural.”

Then maybe we slip our hand in the bag while we shop and that doesn’t even count, right? 

Side note, on top of that, not to get all food police here, but noshing in the grocery aisle is, um, stealing! Not that you have ever done that (wink, wink). 

Or maybe we are noshing on “healthy” “all-natural” snacks on the car ride home or walking home from the store, that doesn’t count either because it is healthy… and because we are walking and burning calories at the same time. Right? 

Okay, so maybe there is some hyperbole and purple prose here, but I think you get our point: Healthy foods are tricky. Our remedy is this: Know yourself. Know your labels. Know your aisle. Know your patterns. 

Here’s a little pro-tip: pre-packaged bags of nuts and “snack” foods can be so much safer than bin foods. 

We are about safety nets at Beacon. If you are very new to your sugar free and flour free life, we simply request treading carefully around the “health” food stores and being empowered with information, self-knowledge, reading labels — and of course, knowing your food plan!

We speak from experience and the intel of many clients we see.  We have been down the aisles of life.

So, keep it really simple.  If in doubt — as they say — do without. 

Shine bright!  

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash