Halloween is a few weeks away and those bountiful bowls of candy have made their annual appearance. Most of us right now are constantly walking by chocolates and candies in the work place, stores, our friend’s house…even at the bank teller! So how in the world do we navigate this Spooky Sugar Craze?

At Beacon, we talk a lot about the importance of examining our relationship with sugar. Because let’s be honest – our relationship with sugar is one that is often fraught with tension, toxicity and abuse. And, no matter how much we think we love it, sugar isn’t the type of partner that loves us back.

That’s why this time of year soooo darn tricky – it seems like every corner of the room is taunting us with candy that’s screaming “just have one!” HA! Now that’s a funny trick. What happens when you just have one?  For most of us that “one” quickly multiplies and before we know it we’re surrounded by a pile of candy wrappers puzzled by what just happened.

If this sounds familiar, know that you’re not alone. Here are some helpful tips to keep you on track:

  1. Start by being honest with yourself. You know your past behavior better than anyone else and if you’ve ever struggled to sticking with “only one” than chances are you know that “having one” rarely ends there. Practicing acceptance of this reality opens up the doorways for change to occur.
  2. Stay MINDFUL. When you walk by the bowl of candy at the office, notice your thoughts and feelings as they come up and take some deep breaths before you impulsively reach for a candy. The more you practice being present in the moment, the more equipped you’ll be to manage your urges.
  3. Speaking of Urges, did you know they typically don’t last longer than 30 minutes? If you feel an urge come on, remind yourself that urges aren’t permanent – they come and go. In that time period, find a way to distract yourself: go for a short walk, complete a task, text a friend or splash some cold water on your face. And remember, every time you don’t give into an urge, you actually weaken it and reduce the frequency that it will occur  #winwin
  4. Finally, clear your environment from temptation. This may seem like a no brainer but I’ll say it anyways. If you’re bringing halloween candy home and expecting yourself to exert an incredible amount of willpower to avoid it than you’re putting yourself through a lot of unnecessary stress. In any environment over which you have some control, keep it clear from all sugary temptations. This is already hard enough, don’t put yourself through more stress!

If this feels like a particularly challenging time of year for you, remember, you are not alone. Many of us are in the same boat, which makes it all the more important to lean on your support systems. We all need each other. And as always, the Beacon Team is here to help you navigate these tricky times.

Shine Bright!