If you are seeking binge eating help, start with taking care of yourself during these hectic summer months.

Wondering how to make the most of the precious time that we call summer? Because all that on-the-going can sure make you tired!
Funny enough, the way to make your summer last while seeking binge eating help, is to balance it out.  Let’s take a breath, sit down, and Buzz about the other side of this coin: rest.
For sure, rest doesn’t have the sexiness of a summer soiree, yet it is a super underrated and very-forgetten skill that helps us live our best lives, especially as it related to our food and weight goals. If rest is the key, how’s a Buddy to find a minute when time is of the summer essence? That, as we say at Beacon, a problem to be solved.
Rest: The Facts!  An empty lantern provides no light – to find a sustainable solution to our food and weight issues, we need to be engaging in our shiny lives AND giving our systems a chance to re-boot on the regular. Don’t believe me?  That’s ok. No one believes this more than our bestie, science. (Check it out)
Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes (including YOU!).  Thanks, Ann Lamont! Finding time to rest in our busy summer can seem burdensome and almost impossible. Odd as it may sound, scheduling in rest may be right up your binge eating help alley. Feeling like you can’t catch your breath with your busy social calendar?  How about scheduling a night in once a week? Heading on a busy filled vacay? How about scheduling a morning to lay around? Or a whole day of (gasp!) nothing to do? No vacay this summer?  How about doing that on a Saturday?
Make rest as sexy as play! My most favorite example of this is a Buddy who put a hammock in her apartment to help her to prioritize down-time and rest #yougogirl. Funning it up can be all the rage, so shutting it down should be as enticing – get some cozy pjs, a soft blanket, some relaxing music, a hammock, maybe an essential oil or two. Who knew rest could be so fab?
Quick point: There is a difference between rest and isolation – so be mindful.  Sitting in a sad and depressed state, isolated with your curtains drawn is NOT the rest I am talking about.  Make sure your motive when resting is rest and not separation and depression.  Rest is to recharge, refocus and get you back in your big beautiful life with all the focus and energy that it (and you) deserve. #yourock
And for even more on this, check out our friend Helen Sanders’ article on healthambition.com – SUCH a great read, Beacon Buddies!!!