With summer in full swing and temperatures rising, so can our stress surrounding the presence of familiar faces and voracious appetites at home: our children.

Whether they’re youngsters on school summer break and snacking on sweet treats all day, or your teenager who returns home armed with unsold donuts every night from her summer job, summer can mean a return of the kids. It does not however, have to mean a return of the binge eating.

So let’s take a deeper dive into some strategies to navigate through this tricky time…

Try not to believe everything you think. Of course it can be hard to have extra temptation around that otherwise is not usually there. Because let’s face it…you’re on this path to changing your life but that doesn’t mean everyone around you is which means you need to remember your “why.” When you see the bag of muffins your daughter brought home at the end of her shift, remember that she was probably just coming from a place of generosity and thought she was doing something nice. If you’re in a place in your recovery where you feel comfortable discussing how difficult it is to have some of these foods at home, perhaps you can talk to your kids about it. But for now, it’s your job to bring some awareness about what these foods may mean to you. Perhaps they’re memories of binges past, but just know that you’re not looking back!

Reframe your thoughts. If you’re harping on the stress with your children at home and the sugar laden foods that come with them, try reframing your thoughts. In fact, there’s an estimate that by the time your children graduate from high school, they’ve spent about 93% of the time they’ll ever spend in-person with their parents (https://waitbutwhy.com/2015/12/the-tail-end.html) whether you’re still in that 93% or it’s the 7% other, ask yourself if you really want to spend that time resenting them for the food they’re bringing home with them. Be present with your kids, enjoy the little time you may get to spend one-on-one, and know that your abstinence from binge eating, sugar, or flour does not need to be theirs!

Plan activities that do not involve food and eating.  Your kids will be grateful for the time they get to spend with you and you’ll be grateful for the memories of focusing on them and not the ice cream!

Shine Bright!

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash