A recent study appearing in The Lancet Public Health has found disturbing findings that obesity-related cancers are on the rise among the millennial cohort.

The study has found that rates have increased from six out of twelve obesity-related cancers in younger adults in the U.S. Yikes! This study examined nearly twenty years of data for 30 cancers from the Cancer in North America database. The researchers highlight how the obesity epidemic over the past 40 years has resulted in younger people having “earlier and longer lasting exposure” to obesity than previous generations. The study revealed alarming findings supporting the link between obesity among children or adolescence and an increased risk of “colorectal, endometrial, and pancreatic cancers and multiple myeloma”.

These findings are meaningful in our understanding of how pervasive obesity is worldwide and the implications for younger adults. It points to a critical issue worldwide that requires further research on the association between obesity and cancer.

Study: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/02/190204101208.htm

Photo by Christopher Flowers on Unsplash