While summertime is an all time fav here at Beacon, we know it can be super stressful for those of us who struggle with food and weight (cue the influx of weddings, brunches, and BBQ’s!) That’s why we came up with a couple of guidelines to help you sail smoothly through your summer days without overeating!


Cope Ahead: How do you want to feel after the event?  Work closely with your behavioral coach, therapist or sponsor well ahead of time to establish guidelines and commitments around:


-Your meal plan for day of event

-Your meal regulation schedule for day of event

-Your alcohol intake during event (if any!)

-Skills to utilize before, during and after event


Remember special events do not give us permission to engage in any behaviors that are harmful to our recovery (i.e. skipping meals and snacks, restricting, taking the day off from plan…etc.)  As they say in monopoly, do not pass go, and do not collect $200!


While special events are not a free for all- we are called to be flexible within reason and with expert guidance!  With your behavioral coach, therapist or sponsor you might determine it necessary to alter a meal time or add a snack- and that is A-OK! There is always a version/modification of your plan that works (without overeating!).


By now we know that the ideal amount of alcohol on plan is none.  If you do decide to have a drink, cope ahead with your behavioral coach, therapist or OA sponsor to:


-ensure your drink works with your plan (i.e. no sugar or flour)

-make a hard commitment around your intake to stay wise minded!


 Have an Hors d’oeuvres? The chicken was crusted? Name it, claim it and keep it moving.  The party doesn’t stop over bread crumbs.  If you need support, call your  trusted team and then get back to the party because your song is playing!