Healthy drinks. Healthy snacks. Healthy meals. What does healthy mean now??

It’s something everyone looks for: the word “healthy’ before a food item. Food companies are rushing to make their food healthier, but are they really doing anything except marketing? Is our food actually becoming healthier or are we forever doomed to eat unhealthily?  No. We aren’t dramatically doomed forever, but, especially now, we really need to be aware of what we’re eating. Many things we actually think are healthy could be some of the main contributors to our food addiction and obesity.

Healthy doesn’t necessarily mean healthy anymore.  Healthy foods are foods that provide benefit to you without also providing harm. Highly-processed foods, sugary foods, and any food in a very large amount is never healthy. Take granola, for example. Did you know that most granola sold in grocery stores is packed with sugar? How about that veggie pizza? What veggie pizza’s lack in meat is usually made up for with extra cheese (not-so healthy). These foods might seem like they’re healthy alternatives, but in reality, they’re contributing to your food addiction.

Know what you’re eating.

Many food companies have no sympathy for your obesity. They want to make money, so they sell foods with the word healthy on them. It’s your job to actually look at the ingredients and decide if it’s healthy. Just because a food package says “healthy”, “whole-grain”, or “gluten-free” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Click here to find out how to properly read the ingredients list. Avoid obesity and food addiction; know what you’re eating.

Shine Bright!!

Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash