Everyone has their own idea of what the key to success is. 

There is no one key to success. In fact, I think that success is achieved with a key-chain full of keys. Some keys include education, preparedness, persistence, ambition, and so on. Though, there are two keys that many people forget about: mindfulness and self-knowledge. Both of these are important if you ever want to achieve true success.


Mindfulness can mean a number of things, but it all points to one thing: being in the moment and recognizing the way you feel. Being mindful doesn’t mean meditating, although meditating is a good way to be mindful. Mindfulness is looking deeply into how you feel in the present. It’s about forgetting the past and not thinking about the future-being with yourself inside your own head. Success comes from you; no one hands it to you. Being able to feel and control your own emotion is a step onto the path of success. Meditation can help you become mindful if you are having trouble. Click here to see ways that meditation helps you succeed.


Before you can truly know anything else, you need to know yourself. Self-knowledge, just like self-awareness, is about knowing how you feel but also knowing how you react to everything. Self-knowledge is about making the right choices, such as going for an apple instead of ice cream, because you know how they will affect you. Success is all about making the right choices, so knowing yourself is just another key to success.

The door to success has many locks on it, and it’s up to you to get all of the keys.

Shine Bright!!