How to be a human BEING versus a human DOING.

Sunday Funday. Talk about a phrase that has had a whole lot of connotations in my life! Back in my 20s it meant go-big-and-go-hard with food and (often) alcohol. Cue waking up Monday morning feeling anxious and hopeless = not so much fun.

Then through most of my 30s, as I was finding my way, I lost the Funday in Sunday. In the name of finding my recovery, building my business and other various forms of adulting, I became a full time human DOING. Fun became an afterthought or a luxury – and I lost a big part of myself in the process without even knowing it!

Little did I know that taking the Fun out of Sundays and out of all other days isn’t helpful in any way – not for my recovery with food and weight and not for creating the big beautiful life that I – and we all – deserve. Don’t believe me? Ask science. 

Which brings me to this very important recovery concept, Buddies: what in the world are you doing for fun these days? Did lots of things jump into your head? If not, we have a problem, Houston.

Here’s the deal: without fun, recovery is going to be really really hard. Giving up Sugar when there is nowhere fun to turn is basically a non-starter. You’re not alone, Buddies – I know lots of adults that have the same fun void. We are not taught that fun is important as an adult, so we don’t spend time cultivating our fun genes. And boy do we suffer for it! Having fun, as we say at Beacon, is a problem to be solved.

When I don’t know what to do, I turn to my Power Circle for guidance and support. And I’m lucky enough to have two amazing ladies in my life, Ali and Michelle, who are literally connoisseurs of fun. They help people have fun FOR A LIVING. And if you don’t know where to start, they recorded a podcast on this exact topic. They also run an amazing program, Soul Camp, of which I am a staff member, that changed my life and expanded my ability to have fun and take risks. I’ve put all of the info about Soul Camp in the PS below.

For more right now fun ideas, we’re loving and this article – both super helpful in learning to flex your fun muscles. Fun isn’t as hard as you think – you can start ANYWHERE. And I promise, your big, beautiful, FUN life will thank you for it. #pinkyswear

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Here’s to paving the way to fun and freedom, Buddies.

Shine Bright,
Molly PS: Check out Soul Camp’s website. It was a TRULY LIFE CHANGING experience for me – for my flexing fun muscle and so much more. I’d LOVE to see you there. Use the code BEACON and get $100 off! 

Photo by Alejandro Alvarez on Unsplash