Shhhh … we have the best secret to peace of mind and less emotional drama. Lower the volume of food, and it will lower the volume of life.   

The quieter our food, the quieter our life.

When there is less noise and chatter about food choices, we have less drama and upset in our lives.  How do we lower the volume of our food? 

We create foundations. We have strong pillars. Yes. Imagine three pillars. What is a pillar? It is a structure that provides essential support for something.  Key-word alert: ESSENTIAL.  

If we want a life that is quiet and peaceful, we can make the best possible decisions — like big life decisions, we need some supports. 

The pillars we talk about all the time at Beacon are threefold:

1. Self-Monitoring 

2. Meal Regulation 

3. Food Plan

We are giving a LOUD SHOUT-OUT to one key pillar that contributes to this quiet mind we want. 

Food Plan. 

Having a food plan is a sound equalizer. It doesn’t have to be the perfect food plan, but having one helps enormously. At the very least – letting go of the flour and sugar is a major contributor to a quieter mind when it comes to cravings and a noisy brain. Managing the times that you eat and knowing the food groups can absolutely control the volume dial in our brains too.

As a result, we have the bandwidth to think about the fun in the day vs. the food in the day.  We don’t have to wonder what we are having for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. It is there. We have it in our bags, we have it in the fridge, and we have it lined up.  Often it is when we get spontaneous about food that the noise level increases. We can reduce those decibels with a plan.

Quiet food. Quiet mind.

Shine Bright!

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash