In the kind of food addiction treatment that we do, sometimes we are faced with meal plan blues. It starts off with excitement and perseverance and then, after years, months, or even weeks, the excitement starts to taper and we realize that we will be on a food addiction treatment meal plan for the rest of our lives. When that realization kicks in, it can be with the force of the biggest WHOA!

Instead of letting the WHOA get us down, let’s flip it and turn it into a party WHOA! Researching fun and different recipes with the help of your food addiction treatment coach can be an awesome way to rev up your recipes. Adding a twist and getting into the kitchen to try something new can be really exciting and turn into something the whole family can do. Exploring new ways to spice up your meal plan staples can keep you on track and engaged in your food addiction treatment meal plan. The goal is a new life – keeping things fun is a big part of that. For a taste, try Michelle Tam’s Nom Nom Paleo blog – her lunchbox ideas ( are super fun twist . It definitely adds a little umph when you’re feeling flat.