Hey Beacon Buds!


I’ve been thinking about the term recovered, and to be honest, this word doesn’t sit so well with me.  You see, the word recovered, with a big ol’ emphasis on the ed (past tense), seems to imply that we’ve merely arrived at our destination, and well, perhaps there’s no work left to be done.

Anyone with me?  Now, when I think of the term recovery, I think of an active process that requires our continued participation and nurturance to be maintained.  In fact, recovery doesn’t have an end destination, but for sure gets better and better because of our continued commitment and diligence.

So what’s the takeaway? In recovery, we are continuously renewing our commitment to the betterment of ourselves each and every day.  Do not settle for recovered if you are not done growing or changing (and by the way-are we ever?!) 

How can Beacon help you to nurture your everyday recovery?  Let us plant some seeds for thought.  Please keep in mind these seeds require action to grow!


-Am I able to concentrate and participate in life fully- without preoccupations of food/use of food?

-Am I following my meal plan and regulating my meals?

-Am I maintaining an adequate work/life balance?

-Do I have a power circle and am I well connected? (Friends, family and professionals that support me)

-Do I do things that I like and want to? (Insert your many hobbies!)

-Am I doing daily things/tasks that need to be done (showering, taking medications, getting out of bed, attending important social and work related events?)

-Am I using the skills and tools that I’ve learned to keep me in recovery?

-Am I willing to reach out for help when things feel out of balance? 


May your journey in recovery be a wonderful one.


Jaimie from The Beacon Team 🙂