Don’t Hate! Meal Regulate!

Something that gets us into really sticky — like maple syrup sticky — situations at parties or events is GRAZING. Please know: You are not a foraging chipmunk, so stop acting like one.

Grazing is a real precursor to overeating — research tells us there is a strong connection between a non-normative eating pattern (aka grazing like a chipmunk) and weight gain, obesity and Binge Eating disorder. Yikes.

Grazing is the prom queen at parties and events — picking at appetizers, grazing through the dessert trays, gorging at dinners, finding yourself swaying through a buffet line MULTIPLE times. So if your party dance card is filled and you are a grazing chipmunk, you are in trooooooouble.

So, what’s the solution? Meal regulation. Or in simpler terms, four to five planned meals spaced throughout the day (like every 3-4 hours) with beginnings and ends. I know it takes all of the party out of the party, but can you pleeeeeease try to remember how foul and icky and hateful you feel after you overeat? Which then ultimately causes ANOTHER binge?

Make a plan. If your event or party is at 2pm, plan to have breakfast, a mid-day snack around 11am, and an appropriate portioned lunch at 2 before committing back into your day. If your event is a nighttime event, make sure you stay on top of those meals throughout the day so that you don’t go into it wanting to eat a camel.

Even though you may stand out of the crowd a bit — parties and events are situations where bingeing are totally acceptable — you will feel SO much better having taken care of yourself.

Food For Thought:
1. Plan to eat 4-5 meals around your party or event
2. Make sure your meals have a beginning and an end
3. Chipmunks are cute, but their eating habits lead to weight gain and binge eating…