On days like this you may find yourself seeking comfort…

Today is 9/11. A day where the world stops and remembers an event that changed everyone’s life. Walking through New York City this morning, the streets felt less energized and there appeared to be a sombre air present among those I passed by on the street. As I looked around, I felt a strong desire to be comforted. And something told me that today, of all days, I am not alone.

What happens however, when we seek comfort in the things that don’t lead us to a deeper resolve of our pain or our discomfort? You know the things I’m talking about. The type of comfort we seek from alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping and of course, comfort foods. The cupcakes, the pizza, the cookies, the ice cream… the foods we use to soothe. Although these comfort foods give us pleasure in the moment, they can act as bandages. Temporarily numbing our pain while bringing us further from our goals and values and preventing us from having deeper connections.

How can you then, seek comfort in a way that will truly serve you?

There are many ways to receive comfort in a manner that fosters greater connection with others, while giving you permission to be with your emotions without trying to change them. Here are a few tried and tested ways that are at your fingertips:

Connect with a loved one. Call a friend, a sibling or a parent. Volunteer and give back to the community. Write a gratitude list. Admire what and who you have in your life that makes it meaningful. Go for a walk. Take a bath. Read a book. Write a letter. Take care of yourself in a way that demonstrates self-love and compassion. Because truly, that is where comfort exists.

Lastly, remember that if you feel impacted by this day, know that you are not alone. All of us here at Beacon are with you.


Shine Bright!


Photo by: Julie Laiymani on Unsplash