We’ve all been there.  Like lightening sugar cravings strike and without hesitation we find ourselves bee-lining it to the nearest vending machine or corner store for a quick fix.

We gobble up our goodie and in come some of our not so favorite regulars (you know…guilt, shame and panic.)  Sound familiar?

You see, while it might seem like sugar cravings lead straight to the nearest snickers bar, we have just the set of skills to help you tolerate them and quite possibly make a different decision altogether (now wouldn’t that be the icing on the cake!)

These skills are called TIPP SKILLS!

Now what exactly are these TIPP Skills we speak of? These are brief yet intense skills that bring about a change in physiology – and in this case- *hopefully* a diminished desire to act on those sugar cravings!  In simpler terms, they help to calm us down and quick!

**Extra Important Notice** Before attempting any of the below skills, please make sure that you are in good cardiovascular health and do so with the guidance of a trained clinician!

T: Temperature (Cue the cold water or ice back! Hold for 30 seconds!)

Hold breath and immerse face in bowl of cold water (above 50 degrees F.) You may also use an ice pack on your eye/cheek area.

I: Intense Exercise

Engage in a brief burst of intense exercise! Do something you like to expend your body’s excess energy!

P :Paced Breathing or Paired Muscle Relaxation

Paced Breathing: Slooooooow down the pace of your inhaling and exhaling.  Breathing out should be slower than breathing in (i.e. 5 seconds in and 7 seconds out)

Paired Muscle Relaxation: A breathing technique coupled with the tensing and relaxing of various muscle groups (Notice and then let go of the tension in your body!)

Try these skills under the guidance of your clinician and ride the sugar crave wave!

Please note that we have Lovingly adapted these TIPP skills from DBT Skills Trainings Handouts and Worksheets, Second Edition by Marsha M. Linehan, 2015