Fear of the future can be entrapping.

Do you get caught in the sticky web of forever? When I’m meeting someone who is scared, on the fence about diving into change, the inevitable ever-thwarting question arises: “Will I have to do this forever? For the rest of my life?” Full of fear, Buddies are turning their back on permanent and sustainable solutions in fear that it may last forever.

Whenever I am asked the big-bad-forever question, my answer is usually, “Forever is a really long time.” Because, frankly, I don’t know! Things change, people change, a full life is ever evolving. What I know for sure: When we get caught in the grip of worrying about “forever”, we are squandering away days that we can be redirecting our action and attention towards the direction of our big beautiful lives. 

Just like feeling that we have no choice and are a victim of our issues, (see last week’s Buzz), getting our panties in a bundle about the forever of change is an illusion. One that our minds try to use to continue to hold us hostage and keep us stuck in the cycle of diet drama and trauma. And aren’t we done with all the drama, Buddies?

So what’s the solution? STAY IN THE DAY. My mentor, Andre, has always asked me if what I am worried about is a “right now problem”. If it isn’t – and it usually isn’t” – she encourages me to worry about it when it becomes one. Pretty simple, very true, and a skill we need to start to practice… STAT.

What if we think about the problems that may and will arise in our recoveries from food and weight in the “right now problem” frame?  It may be THE solution to the forevers AND allow for us to forge fearlessly on our path to long-term and sustainable solutions.

And that’s what we want, right Buddies?  Let’s not let fear of forever steal any more of our precious time, shall we? I’ve seen that dealing with “right now problems” and staying in the here and now allows for us to practice our very best and most self-loving work. And that encourages MORE of our best and most self-loving work. And so on and so on. Until that fear of forever is a funny and distant memory in your big beautiful life.

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