It is September and there’s a lot going on! With holidays, school starts and stops and all sorts of festivities on the horizon, the Buzz on the Beacon street this week is all about making the best of when your schedule is out of your control. How’s a Buddy to survive with the family, travel, and events that come adding on to our already busy lives? Here’s some quick and dirty Beacon tips!

BYOC – This one is specific to the Sugarfree Superstarts about to break the fast on Wednesday: Bring Your Own Carb. Those bagels and bialys can look mighty tempting when the only alternative is to eat them on a tomato (although that is DELISH!)! Bringing Beacon carb faves like Mary’s Gone Crackers or Wasa Crisps – that are easy to grab-and-go – makes this event soooooo much easier. Quick tip: bring some for everyone – you’d be surprised how many people are grateful for the white flour alternative!  #thegiftthatkeepsongiving

PLAN. You may think that the skill of planning is the only one I have in my arsenal, given how many times it is on my tip list. Not true. It’s simply that it’s the most important and the most effective skill I know of! And I’ve sat around too many times listening to Buddies who had binges, bites, licks and tastes in the name of not throwing some nuts or a protein bar in their bag, or not asking ahead about what the crew is going to do for lunch or dinner. Knowing your roadmap when the schedule is demanding helps keep your food in order and your life a bit less chaotic. The Marines have something when they say: “Fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Meal regulation. Hanging out at soccer games, or apple picking or Yom Kippur breaking of the fast – or or or – can really mess with your meal regulation. Lunch can become a bunch of handfuls of nuts and picks of cheese through a 4 hour period, leaving us confused and at risk for binging. Tacking on to your planning, consider thinking about the day ahead and how and where you are going to get your 3 meals and a snack. It may not be the prettiest of times – I’ve had many a to-go-sweetgreen salad for lunch heading to festivities or almond butter sandwich for breakfast on a train to family affairs – but what tastes best is staying true to your plan. #cheesybuttrue

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Photo by Eric Rothermel on Unsplash