As the seasons change, our appetites can change too. A new season can bring with it seasonal cravings. That’s because our bodies may carry a memory of the seasons of previous years and their comfort foods. 

Winter, spring, summer, fall—each season has food associations for us. 

Summer can bring cravings for creamy, cool foods or crispy, crunchy ones. In warm weather, everyone we see seems to be licking an ice cream cone or licking the barbecue sauce off their fingers. And we may want what they’re having! 

Fall arrives with its chilly temperatures—and then hungry winter will be upon us. In colder weather, we crave warm comfort foods like heavy soups and stews.  

With each season, we may experience anxiety about its holidays and the foods we will be exposed to and tempted by. 

A reminder as we approach September: we can enjoy the crisp cool weather without loading our plates with extra food and cloaking our bodies in extra weight. We can enjoy the anticipation of the beauty of fall foliage and the first snowfall of winter without adding extra weight or extra thoughts about over indulging.  It is simply a shift in attitude.  We get to create the way we approach each season. The season doesn’t create us.  And we can hold our own inner fertile ground seasonally, quarterly, yearly—and even for the rest of our lives. 

Seasons change. Our commitment to a healthy relationship with our food and ourselves does not have to. 

Shine bright!


Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash