Did you know that January is the most depressed month of the year? Fear not, we can help those statistics in a snap! Cue SELF-CARE to solve the winter blues.

Things seem to fall into disarray during the winter – and that includes our commitment to overcoming our struggles with food and weight. It’s darker, it’s colder – we want to hibernate and not in the way that healthy self-care tells us to, right? We want to isolate with hot cocoa and pasta and cookies and all the “comfort foods” that end up making us feel very uncomfortable, hopeless, and farther from our goals.

Self-care couldn’t be more important right now. It’s a super important time to prioritize you, especially if you feel yourself getting a little blue. Science tells us that our behaviors help to shape our feelings – so if we start to use self-care to help us through the winter blues-and-blahs we will be in a great space come the first blossom of spring.

When thinking of self-care, it’s a great idea to use your five senses to think of self-care activities that will work best for you.

Self-care with the five senses:

  • Touch: Snuggle into your favorite comfy sweatshirt; spend some extended time petting your dog or cat; treat yourself to a massage.
  • Smell: We loooooooove us some aromatherapy oils – whether smelling the bottle or getting an infuser to make your home or work space smell delish. Same with scented candles. Fresh flowers are also such a treat.
  • Sight: What is beautiful to you? Puppies? Art? Ryan Gosling? It’s so easy to get beautiful images online without leaving your comfy house!
  • Sound: Is there music that you find soothing? If the answer is yes, get yourself a Spotify mix just for self-soothing purposes. If the answer is no, what an opportunity to try out all sorts of music to see what tickles your self-soothing fancy (You can see what tickles our fancy on Beacon’s Spotify Station!).
  • Taste:  Of COURSE, this is tricky if you are working on your issues with food and weight, but we won’t count it out because we LOVE this one! How you ask? We love ginger, mint, and TEA.  A delicious and soothing cup of tea is among our favorite of self-care skills.

Side note: Self-care activities only work when you USE them. In other words, they CAN’T work if you don’t try them. So go home and try out a bunch and see which of the five senses self-care skills are going to make it into your winter toolbox!