All by yourself.

A few weeks ago, I found my Saturday schedule WIDE OPEN. Blank slate. In my life, this is an almost never – I’m known for my meticulous planning of very very full days. And, honestly, it made me a little nervous. Free time reminds me of the days, albeit long ago, of loneliness, binging, tv watching – general self-harming and self-hating. So my first thought when seeing my open Saturday was, “What should I do? Who should I see? What should I catch up on?”

Then my wise mind tapped me on the shoulder and said, “What if you spend the day with YOURSELF?” Of course, I preach – and believe in – the values of self-care, self-love, self-compassion. I do that because it’s so so valuable to our long term recovery from food and weight issues.

I also do it because it’s always an area that I struggle – taking care of others – often before myself – is old hand to me – I’m really good at it. Even older hand, is sacrificing my own self-care in the name of over-scheduling, people pleasing and wanting to get it all done. And when I’m living life that way, it makes turning to isolation, resentment and extra food so much easier. And that’s no wise minded way to live. #truth

Challenge accepted: I took my wise mind’s suggestion and spent the Saturday, phone off, with myself. I took myself to my favorite yoga class, walked around NYC, ate my favorite salad, read a book, got a facial. It felt really decadent, and really really revitalizing.

As it turns out, I am great company! I’m funny, I’m thoughtful, I’m creative. It’s hard to remember that in the hustle and bustle of life; I found myself at work on Sunday feeling full of energy, love, and passion – all from 12 hours of taking myself out on a date!

What can you do in the name of self-care and reminding yourself how amazing you are? Can you set aside a day, half-day, even 15 minutes to take yourself out on a date or have some quiet time alone with your awesome self? #dontknockituntilyouvetriedit

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