Ah February 14th. Such a loaded day for so many of us. It can be loaded if you have a partner; loaded if you’re single and ready to mingle. It can be loaded if you’re in love, between love, or on your way to love. The best solution to V-day? SELF-LOVE.

Stop rolling your eyes, I’m serious. Whether you like V-day or think it is an over commercialized extravaganza, it is a good time to reflect on your relationship with the ever-so-important emotion of love and the ever-so-important issue of YOU. Because you rock and you deserve all of the love and the self-love in the world. True story.

Whether you like it or not, you’re the constant relationship you have in your life. You are who you spend the most time with. You are the person you wake up to in the morning and go to bed with at night. So, if you’re super lacking in the self-love department, I could imagine it’s a pretty unpleasant experience in the relationship with you and you. And you KNOW that a relationship without self-love looks outside of the relationship for love – and that love is so often the cookies, cake, and candy that feel loving in the beginning of the relationship but turn bad every single time.

Why don’t we bring self-love in as the V-day gift of 2017?  

Here are a few starter questions for your self-love extravaganza:

  • Are you taking care of your health and wellness? If you’re not, can you begin with some meditation, or a healthy walk or maybe even scheduling that physical you’ve been putting off?
  • Are you treating you to things that make you shine bright? If you’re not, can you begin with making yourself a facial or a massage – even a 15 minute one or a DIY one! How about taking yourself to the movies? Or going to see live music, the botanical gardens or a local museum. Self-love dates = awesome.
  • Are you doing fun things that make you smile on the daily? If you’re not, can you begin with some YouTube videos, chatting with your favorite niece or nephew, or even doing a good deed for someone else?

Starting anywhere on the road to self-love will help to reinforce the most important relationship in your life – the one you have with you. You rock and you deserve it. Happy Valentine’s Day!