If I don’t write down my food… does it mean I’ve had it? ????

Ahh the infamous question of accountability! At Beacon, we firmly believe that in order for the wheels of change to be in motion we must practice accountability. One of the ways through which this practice is encouraged is by Self-Monitoring, which simply means writing down our food!

Why is this important? Many of us lead very busy lives and the idea of adding one more task to the to-do list can feel overwhelming. But here’s the thing…this is one strategy that is of great value when it comes to cultivating a healthy relationship with our food. Further, research shows that Self-Monitoring is a highly effective tool when it comes to shedding those pounds and keeping the weight off.

A study conducted by the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics examined the relationship between self-monitoring and weight-loss among women and found that participants using food journals demonstrated more consistent weight-loss than their counterparts. So when it comes to releasing weight, writing down our food serves us in more ways than one…here are a few to take into consideration:

  1. Self-monitoring raises our AWARENESS to the quality and quantity of food we’re eating (ie. we’re more likely to pay attention to what we’re eating when we know we have to write it down!)
  2. Keeping a food journal helps us recognize PATTERNS (the number on the scale not moving? Maybe there have been a few more bites, licks and tastes that had slipped your mind).
  3. Writing down our food increases our ACCOUNTABILITY.
  4. It encourages us to be more MINDFUL about the food we’re eating.
  5. If we’ve fallen off plan it helps us NAME IT, CLAIM IT, DUMP IT and MOVE ON!

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to self- monitoring and it’s evident that writing down our food enhances our awareness around the choices we make. Feeling hesitant about carrying a pen and paper with you? Not to worry! Plenty of Apps exist including Rise Up and Recover or MyFitnessPal, that offer convenient, accessible ways to log your food. Some even give you the opportunity to log your thoughts and feelings while you’re at it!

Shine Bright!