“Ew, delete that. I look terrible”

It’s the generation of selfies, the generation of smartphones, and the generation of social media. Before and after anyone does anything, they post on social media. They tag their location, their friends, and add hashtags. But before they do any of this, they have to get the perfect picture. Welcome to the generation of self-deprecation.

Everyone does it. We take hundreds of pictures and delete all of them if we see one single thing wrong. We are so picky about the way we look, that we don’t even care how we feel anymore. We don’t care how we feel about ourselves. We have zero self-love and all self-deprecation. Self-deprecation leads us into making bad choices, such as bad eating habits, because we don’t really care how we feel, we just want to be liked. We change our eating habits to match those of people who have millions of followers because that’s all that matters, right? Self-deprecation is just modesty, right?

NO. Self-deprecation is harmful not just to our bodies, but our minds, as well. When we completely change our eating habits to look a certain way in pictures, our bodies are overwhelmed. Diets should never be extreme, and even when they are, they sometimes don’t even work. When all you have is negativity towards yourself, you create a bad image of yourself. You always feel like you’re wrong and you will never change. Thinking like this can lead to anxiety and depression, which can also lead to poor eating habits that lead to bad health, and the cycle never ends.

Show your selfies some self-love. Who cares if your eyebrows look weird in that picture?? Self-love has so many benefits, but the biggest one is happiness. Being happy leads to good decisions, a clear mind, and a better you. When you have self-love for yourself, you have the key to a better life. Now go out there, post a selfie, and don’t think twice about it.

Shine Bright!!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash