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Finding the best customized support on your food and weight journey isn’t easy. We get that. That’s why we like to take the time – free of charge – to listen to your particular struggle and tell you about Beacon’s mission, staff and programming. We’re strategizing together in the name of creating the ideal framework for your sustained success! By the end of your strategy session, you’ll have our recommendation for the behavioral coach and treatment plan that best serves you on your path to freedom from your food and weight issues.


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Individual Therapy and Coaching:

“Beacon helped me to understand that rather than continuing the cycle of dieting (and failing), I needed to understand the reasons why I was dieting and failing. As much as it’s about the food, it’s not about the food. And once I gained the understanding behind my dieting cycle I was able to embrace the tools Beacon teaches to make different choices. I’m currently maintaining a 100lb weight loss for more than 18 months and I eat differently, I view exercise differently and I’m able to have a positive effect on the eating habits of others in my life.” -JH.

Beacon embraces the idea that one size does NOT fit all. Our individual therapy and coaching is just that: individualized. Your sessions are designed to provide you with the knowledge, support, insight, and skills to navigate your path to sustainable success.

Your highly trained behavioral coach will be your teacher, guide, advocate, and problem solver wrapped into one. No matter where you are in your process, you have our support. Our team is completely committed to helping you find your solution.

Our goal? Empower YOU and help you to achieve ALL of your goals.

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Core intensive
Digital masterclass

The Core Intensive Digital Masterclass is specifically designed to support you on the road to lasting success by addressing the specific steps you need to take to begin solving your struggles with food and weight. This class includes current, research-driven information that will jump start your journey!


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In the Core Intensive Masterclass, we target the following:

How Food Impacts

your body and brain and what to do about it

How to manage emotions

without using food to cope

how to implement

long-lasting changes for long-term success