Children learn by imitating their parents. Are you setting a good example???

From learning how to dance (yikes), to learning how to speak, children learn by imitation. This might seem really cute until your kid starts to do exactly what you do. Your speech is mirrored. Your style is mirrored, and most importantly, your health is mirrored.

Eating habits begin to evolve early in a child’s life. Humans are born with the instinct of survival, so when a child sees its parent eating some kind of food to survive, it will follow suit, even if the food isn’t what’s best for the child. Childhood obesity is directly linked to the environment the child is raised in. If a child is raised in a place where food intake isn’t monitored, things can quickly spiral out of control. While watching your eating habits at home is essential to your child’s health,  it still may not be enough. Encourage and practice healthy eating habits wherever you and your child go. When you send your child to school, don’t let it be a free-for-all when it comes to eating.

Okay, so it might sound like I’m saying your kid can never choose what he or she eats, but that’s not the case. Kids deserve an ice-cream and cookies every once in awhile, but maybe not with every meal, so click here to see some healthy snacks. Teaching your child to make his or her own eating choices is also very important in making their future healthy.

Even if you aren’t a parent, you can help. If you work in a school, daycare, or are even just an aunt or uncle, make the right eating choices because you never know who’s watching you. Changing your eating habits now can help a child now and in the future. Many who suffer from childhood obesity also suffer from obesity as an adult. Obesity can lead to heart-disease, breathing problems, and even psychological issues. Set a good, happy, and healthy example.

Shine Bright!!

Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash