Hey Beacon Buddies!

Jaimie here, and today I’m comin’ atcha with a little phrase to help keep your recovery movin’ and groovin’.  

On the count of three say it with me!

“Skillpower not Willpower!  Skillpower not Willpower! Skillpower NOT Willpower!!!!”

Okay, we’re done chanting….

So why replace the will with the skill? I thought you’d never ask! 

Addictions and eating disorders are complex biological, psychological and environmental problems that often resist and worsen with the sole exertion of rigorous self-restraint and control (aka willpower).  In fact, I am going to argue that the notion of willpower completely ignores all of the facts and reality that surround addiction.  For example, how do we “will away” our very own brain chemistry- you know the overactive reward center bursting with dopamine compelling us to have just one more cookie? I don’t know about you- but I certainly have had no luck tapping into this mythical reservoir called willpower.

So what’s a person to do?!

Cue Skillpower!

Skillpower is my silly and awesome made-up term for putting in the hard work and skill required to rewire your brain and behavior. Skills offer us real and tangible ways to pause and create new outcomes- they are not elusive or mythical.   Skillpower is a vast reservoir of hundreds- if not thousands of skills grounded in research that are proven to work in managing your addiction and/or eating disorder.

So in the spirit of Skillpower, begin a rolodex of all the skills you will begin to use when willpower tricks you.  P.S. Don’t forget to have fun rewiring your brain and behavior 🙂

With love and light,

Jaimie from the Beacon