Keep composure when it’s time to get loose.

How cool could it be if our issues with food and weight were just about food?? I mean, think about it – that would mean you could read a little article or get a diet tip from a friend and the weight would just BOOM! Fall right off!

Unfortunately, if you have done the dieting thing more than once, you know that this is not the case. It’s not that you haven’t wanted to make changes – every article, fad, or calorie count has not been in vain. It’s that you haven’t acquired the skills you need to make those changes last!

First, we need to train your brain to focus. This helps you to stay true to your best self and make decisions that best serve you. Our favorite data-driven skill at Beacon is meditation and mindfulness. M&M – the good kind, not the chocolate kind – helps you to hone your focus, think smart, and rock more of your best self more of the time.

Second, we need to train your brain to be flexible. Flexibility is KEY for when things don’t go your way or according to plan. We need to train your brain to not make bad situations worse. You know, teaching you how to stop using food to solve your problems. Cue distress tolerance skills! These skills teach you how to tolerate life when life feels really intolerable.

I know. You might be shaking your head right now saying, “That won’t work for me.” Or worse than that, you are in complete refusal: “There is NO way I’m reading a book, meditating, putting ice on the back of my neck, or taking a walk because it WILL NEVER RIVAL EATING. It just won’t work.”

Cue your beginner’s mind, please?

Until we find skills that can help you to reset AND bring you closer to your ultimate goals, things aren’t going to change. And that IS why you’re reading this book, right?

As the old adage says, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” We need to get you a whole trunk of skills to rival the bad habits that you’ve acquired in your relationship with food and weight. AND, we need to get you mastered like ninjas in using them. We need to get your brain into some serious shape – as we say at Beacon, it’s a BRAIN GAME.