It’s all about understanding how to slip, not slide.

TRUTH: you cannot live in the slip. If you think about what the word slip actually entails, it’s a word that evokes the essence of feeling out-of-control, not grounded. It is in the slip where we at Beacon see things get messy. In fact, we have a saying around these parts: Messy Food, Messy Life.

TRUTH: Slips WILL happen. This is something we guarantee. You WILL fall off of your meal plan. It is inevitable whether it be by choice or necessity. What actually matters about a slip is how quickly you can find your footing afterwards. Stopping the slip almost as quickly as it begins can insure you against going further down that rabbit hole – shame-eating, the fuck-its, or blackout wipeout.

TRUTH: A slip is NOT a cheat day. Cheat days are bullshit: they are an excuse to plan a fuck-up and are just WAY too tempting for people like us who can’t ‘just say no.’ A slip defies the concept of planning – you won’t know when it will happen, just that it will. And in the moment that it does, acknowledge it, accept it, and GET ON WITH YOUR BIG, BEAUTIFUL LIFE. The perfect slip consists of 15% of your food life. The other 85% is perfection (abstinence, adherence, volume)!

TRUTH: LIFE GETS LIFEY. We get it! We really do. And you know what would happen if you were allowed cheat days? We bet you would say to yourself, ‘I’m going to use my cheat day on the day I have to work 14 hours on a Sunday and I don’t want to do it and I’m resentful about it!’ Guess what – that cheat day just gave you the excuse you needed to FAIL. What if, on that day, you went into it with a plan to stay on plan and a fighting chance to prove to yourself that you are capable? Even if you slip, we bet your fall would be a little less painful than planning a tumble into an abyss.