The art of slowing down (alternatively, hitting the brakes).

To help us walk the walk that we are always talking, we began a weekly yoga class for Team Beacon. This week, I walked in stoked up and raring to go – ready to move and groove and get a solid yoga workout in. I was certain little sweaty flow was exactly what I needed to find my wise mind.

Our teacher had other ideas. He suggested that we take the class to do intense focusing on our breath and lots of opening up of our bodies. He suggested that we slow down and find ourselves. And while I love a good meditation and mindfulness practice, this was not what I had planned on my Wednesday agenda! I was certain that I knew what I needed in that moment from that practice.

And, I’m sure you know how the story goes, what I thought I needed, and what I actually needed couldn’t have been more different. As we sat for five or so minutes in the beginning of class, focusing on our breath, I could feel sadness coming up in my body, and let out a few tears. As we moved slowly though the soft poses, I could feel my stress release. I could feel myself relaxing and moving securely into my wise mind. By the middle of the class, all of the Team – who also wanted a hard core yoga workout – was in child’s pose on their own volition.

I so often run to the belief that I am not doing enough, that I need to push harder, do more. And what a tangled web that weaves ! It usually leaves me tired, exhausted, uninspired, a little angry and often HUNGRY. Feeling exhausted and strung out takes me right from my wise mind and straight into the mind where food is the solution to my problems. #yikes

How quickly I can forget that doing less is often doing more. That I need to take time to recharge and refresh. That those investments are the ones that give me long term results in my life, in my work, in my relationships with others, and most importantly in my relationships with myself and my recovery from my food and weight issues.

What about you, Buddy? Are you living life right now pushing yourself too hard, believing you’re not doing enough? Are you feeling worn out, a little resentful, tired, and maybe even a little hungrier than usual? Can you think about how you can focus on doing less this week in the name of doing more? Can you take a minute, an hour or maybe even a half of a day to do something in the name of SLOW FLOW – rejuvenation and recharge? Give it a chance – maybe doing less will be just the jolt you need to get you into the swing of things! #dontknockituntilyou’vetriedit

Tonight’s Facebook Live is cancelled! In the name of rejuvenation, recharge and slow flow, I am going on vacation and taking a DIGITAL DETOX – turning off my phone for five days. Wish me luck! We’ll be right on time next Sunday night at 8:30, and I can’t wait to see you!

In the meantime, please remember: BEACON IS HERE TO HELP – with all things food and weight! We’ve got you! Get in touch to schedule a 20 minute strategy session with me. Beacon can help in all sorts of ways – including our new E-SERVICES for those of you outside the NYC metropolitan area. And always stay in touch – your Beacon team wants to know what’s up!  Shoot us an email and let us know all the things! 

Be gentle with yourselves, and I can’t wait to see you next Sunday.

Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash