Even if your voice is shaking.

Truth is where we find our integrity. The common definition of integrity is the quality of being honest. The lesser used definition is of equal importance – integrity is the state of being whole and undivided. How powerful is that sentiment when applied to ourselves especially through the lens of our addiction?

For so many of us suffering from a food addiction and addiction in general, we learned that it was better to swallow our truths (pun intended) than for them to be heard. We didn’t exist in a space safe enough to let our truth ring.

Here are some questions to help us find our integrity and seek out our truth:

1 – Who am I in this very moment? Not only does this ask us to be present and mindful, it asks us to just be. You can decide from one moment to the next who you WANT to be.

2 – How can I show love for myself in this very moment? As addicts, many of us redirect the negative feelings we wanted to express, and were unable to, inward and towards ourselves. Learning how to self-love, and what we need to feel loved by ourselves, helps us to live in our truth and in integrity.

3 – Is there a lesson in the very moment that I need to be learning? Growing up for many of us meant feeling as though you weren’t afforded the luxury of choice. Now, as adults, that way of thinking isn’t working as well as it once did and it is important for us to see that we can either be victims of circumstance OR the authors of our own stories.

4 – What are some things that can go onto my “Do Not Do” list? By establishing the things you do NOT do, it puts those things on a mental, or real, list. This helps to make decisions easier – if it is on your ‘Don’t Do’ list, then saying no AND establishing boundaries increases your level of integrity within yourself.

5 – Am I conscious of and bringing awareness to this very moment? Let’s face it, we wrote the BOOK on escaping the present moment by focusing on the past, present, or everyone other than ourselves. We are missing the possibilities of the present by bringing our pasts or our futures into it. The most amazing thing about this question is that it instantly causes a shift in thinking just by asking it of ourselves.

6 – Can I set an intention for the very moment (what is my purpose in this moment)? CUT THROUGH THE CRAP (of your own mind). Showing you can communicate clearly and with intention demonstrates to others that you trust yourself and your message. You are secure in your message and purpose and intent.

You stand as a beacon when you stand in your integrity. You say to the world: I am enough. I have my back. I will show up for myself. For those of us who couldn’t rely on others to stand with us, finding that you can do it on your own is priceless.

Shine Bright in Your Truth Beacon Buddies!

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