What does a spiritual connection have to do with food and weight… what in the world is spiritual nutrition?

For so many of us, food has become a trigger area full of conflict and emotion – endless diets and yo-yo-ing, disordered and dysfunctional eating, weight-loss drama, binge eating, addiction, body image issues, and the relentless search for a sustainable relationship with food and weight. It is certain that in order to find real solution, we are going to have to find a new way of being in this world.

That’s where spirituality and spiritual nutrition comes in. Spirituality isn’t about an unseen world, God, or what is handed down by religious tradition. It’s about creating a belief system that can help you to feel supported, connected, peaceful and free in this world. And that’s REALLY a buy-one-get-all skill. Spiritual nutrition as we mean it becomes a skill in which we learn to roll with the punches, be less reactive, and find silver linings even when things seem impossibly bleak so as NOT to disrupt the foundation upon which our recovery from food addiction has been built.

It’s spiritual nutrition skill time Buddies! Let’s do this.

Roll with the punches. 

I think we can all relate to a moment when something didn’t happen the way we hoped. A presentation didn’t go well. You got fired from a job, or laid-off. The car’s engine died and you’re scrambling to find the finances to get it repaired. The move you had planned didn’t go smoothly and your living circumstances are less than ideal. A relationship didn’t have the happy ending you hoped for. You and your friend are at odds over a fight. What can you do?

1 – Change what is in your control

2 – Don’t get stuck

3 – Make decisions because being indecisive is NOT an option

4 – If something is hard, acknowledge that it is hard

5 – Trust your gut – your WISE MIND is precious AND valuable!

6 – Don’t shut down and don’t give up

7 – Learn from the situation

8 – Stay positive


Be less reactive.

One of the best skill sets for this is comes from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy – STOP.

S – Stop

T – Take a Step Back

O – Observe the Situation

P – Proceed effectively


Finding silver linings.

Try this practice every day for 10 minutes for 3 weeks. Research shows that optimism is linked to lower rates of depression, a better ability to cope with stress and greater relationship satisfaction.

1 – List 5 things that make you feel like your life is enjoyable, enriching, and worthwhile at this moment.

2 – Think about the most recent time when something didn’t go your war or when you felt frustrated, irritated or upset. In a few sentences briefly describe that situation in writing.

3 – List 3 things that can help you see the bright side of this situation. For example, you are stuck in traffic and late for work. Here are 3 ways to see the sunny side of that situation and reshape your negative thinking:

– “I may have been stuck, but I didn’t get into an accident.”

– “One of my associates will be in that meeting, and he will take notes for me.”

– “I got to listen to my favorite music on the radio.”

Regain a happy and healthy relationship with your inner spirit and with yourself – this is something only you can do but we are here to help! Shine bright Beacon Buddies!!