Why in the world do we need to talk about spirituality when we are simply here to find solutions to our issues with food and weight, or more specifically, our food addiction.

We all agree that diets don’t work. They are short-term, offer quick-fix, and have end points. Simply, diets are the OPPOSITE of sustainable, especially in regards to food addiction. When it comes to defining our squad goal for sustainable and long term solutions, I use the term recovery.

What’s the difference between a diet and recovery?

A change in your thinking and beliefs. Wouldn’t you agree? At minimum, the drama and trauma of our past relationship with our food addiction – dieting, food and weight – has led us to feel demoralized and hopeless. Most of us have lived in these feelings and beliefs for 10, 20 or 30+ years. Thoughts and beliefs become things, Buddies. It is certain that in order to find real solution, we are going to have to find a new way of being in this world.  That’s where spirituality comes in. Spirituality isn’t about an unseen world, God, or what is handed down by religious tradition. It’s about creating a belief system that can help you to feel supported, connected, peaceful and free in this world. And that’s REALLY a buy-one-get-all skill.

For many, spirituality is the missing link on the road to sustainable success from food addiction. And it’s not for lack of wanting, but for a lack of knowing how that many Buddies feel lost in knowing how to create a more spiritual life. No worries, that, as we say at Beacon, is a problem to be solved.

Today’s spiritual skill that I want you to mull over is adopting the belief: “It’s all going to be okay.” In fact, right now, in this very moment, everything IS ok. Now, that’s not to mean that bad things aren’t going to go down: Life will always get lifey. It’s guaranteed. What it DOES mean is that we need to learn – via practice – to roll with the punches, be less reactive, find silver linings even when the cloud looks entirely black (something that happens A LOT in food addiction).  Yes, I said NEED to.

When we are living reactively, having a crappy outlook on the world and rather convinced that life isn’t going our way, the only solve for that kind of thinking lies in… you guessed it… THE FOOD. Didn’t get the promotion? Meet you at froyo. Extra toppings. Got served divorce papers? I’ll take a dozen of those Insomnia Cookies, please. You get the idea… This is your food addiction talking!

We need to be willing to think and believe differently in order to survive and thrive from life’s challenges. Because the only thing we know for sure is that life gets lifey. When we turn to food because we are convinced things are terrible – if you had a day like mine, you’d eat like me too – we never lend ourselves to learn the lessons that help us to know our own strength. And knowing our own strength and believing we can handle life tricks and turns is better than ANY ice cream sundae. #truth.

There are SO many ways to create a spiritual life – to start to shift how you think and what you believe – we’ll be chatting about them in upcoming Buzzes and tonight in our FB live.

Should you want even more spirituality, check out the launch of our new programming, Beacon Body and Soul – a program I’ve co-developed with my dear friend, teacher and overall spiritual GANGSTER, Samaya Lin. We developed it to help you to find your spitiual solution and bring you even closer to the sustainability and freedom that you deserve. #dontknockituntilyouvetriedit

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